fighting for inclusivity

How you can help


How you can help

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Buy a top

We think they look awesome and are super comfy, they start conversations and each top purchased provides a child in a disadvantaged area with a maker session free of charge.


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This is how we can communicate with you. We'll share updates about inclusive making, the children you've supported and the #girlswithdrills podcast where we'll give underrepresented makers the space to talk about how we can be more creative by working together.


Share your story

We've started the conversation, now what do we say. Sometimes we know what is important, but struggle to put it to words. We're hoping our #girlswithdrills podcast will arm people with the understanding and confidence to have conversations about inclusive making and give you the platfrom to be a role model for those who haven't made the leap yet.


Buy your DIY tools using our affiliate links

You pay the same price on Amazon and we can support inclusive making. It's a win-win.