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Tools for the beginner

So you've been to one of our workshops or just found a fun project you want to get started.

I've compiled a list of all the tools I take with me to our #girlswithdrills workshops. I've included a few other brands I use at home, too. I struggled to decide which tools absolutely must go on this list and which are just my favourite tools to use. The solution: a list of essentials and a list for my favourites. 

These are all affiliate links. When you use them to buy your DIY needs, you pay the same price and #girlswithdrills gets a small commission - 100% of this goes to support workshops for children in disadvantaged communities. Win-win!

The Essentials

Drill and drill bits:


A #girlswithdrills essential list must start with a drill. In our workshops, we use this cordless Black and Decker drill. It has 10 torque settings and a drill setting. It's perfect for DIY projects and will get basic jobs done around the house. It's lightweight and has simple controls for a beginner. The battery life is decent. They always endure my 3 hour workshops where they're in constant use. Once I forgot to charge the batteries before a workshop, luckily they only take 30 minutes to fully charge - day saving! It's an all around winner in my book.

At home, I use the Bosch cordless combi drill and the Bosch drill bit set. It has everything I need for those unexpected jobs. I've yet to use the metal bits, but I'm sure I can think up a project! Any project ideas? Send them my way! It costs quite a bit more, but definitely worth the effortless power I get from it.

If you've been to one of our workshops, you know how much I love these quick-grip clamps. They're easy enough to learn and make jobs easy when you don't have  5 hands or a friend to help hold things together. T

A drill, some decent drill bits and a clamp are the must haves of the essentials list. I'd also add a saw, hammer, sand paper and an assorted mix of screws. You can always buy what you need when you need them. I like having a mix around the house, just in case we get snowed in and I have nothing else to do but build - That happened. Remember the Beast from the East, Sheffielders?

My Favourites



On my wishlist:

Painting shelter

Lekisha Bradley